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Wholesale Policy

The Saleplace offers those industry related businesses that intend to resell their purchases true wholesale pricing. Wholesale pricing is only available in our store and is not offered online due to the very low profit margins involved in wholesale pricing combined with extra expenses related to online sales.

Businesses:  MUST bring a copy of their Texas Sales Tax and Use Permit and a $5.00 annual fee to buy wholesale. Businesses must be in industry related business (florist, bakery, retail store, crafter, wedding coordinator, etc) to be approved to buy wholesale.

The Saleplace will not sell wholesale to any non related business unless you have proof (ad, business card etc.) that proves you are buying to resell. We must protect those of you that are legitimate wholesale customers from those of you that are not. We have a $5.00 annual fee for wholesale memberships and $5.00 for forgotten or lost cards.
Thank you for your understanding.

Schools and Organizations: MUST pay with an organization check with proper ID in order to receive wholesale prices. We will need the drivers license and DOB of the signer.

Our checkout software often returns a higher fee than we incur therefore we will refund as much shipping fees as possible. We do not profit on shipping fees.

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Notice: The Saleplace is currently closed on Sundays. Check the site for future Sunday hours.

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