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The Saleplace was established in 1977 in Mesquite Texas by the Reid Family.  It is still owned and managed by the Reid Family and has kept the reputation of great prices and selection for football mum supplies, silk flowers, wedding products, floral supplies, ribbons, and cake making supplies. Visit our location and see what makes The Saleplace one of the "best kept secrets" in North Texas.

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"The Saleplace" retail/wholesale store location management team:
Teresa Hobbs  Frank Hobbs  Jody Wadsworth  Amanda Coleman  Linda and Jerry Reid

Our checkout software often returns a higher fee than we incur therefore we will refund as much shipping fees as possible. We do not profit on shipping fees.

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Notice: The Saleplace is currently closed on Sundays. Check the site for future Sunday hours.

Saleplace Founder 
Linda Reid gone
but not forgotten.

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